PCI Probe Question

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Jan 28 21:03:04 EST 2004

Linda Xie writes:

> >it has a PCI-PCI bridge with four slots behind it
> Does that mean you can plug an adapter into one of the four slots?

No, I meant "slots" in the abstract sense as in device IDs on a PCI
bus segment.  The card I have used has four AMD PCNet chips connected
to a PCI-PCI bridge chip, and has four network connectors on the end.
There are no physical PCI slot connectors on the board.

> The card I am using doesn't have any slots, it has 4 network
> connectors.

Sounds like the same thing.  The point is that even though it is a
single card, it looks like a PCI-PCI bridge with four devices behind
it, each using a different PCI device ID.


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