ioremap problems

Anton Blanchard anton at
Tue Jan 27 21:46:40 EST 2004


Just got this might sleep warning when using recent 2.6 ameslab. Looks
like __add_new_im_area is doing a kmalloc inside a spinlock. Someone
in the mood to fix it up? Im a little side tracked at the moment :)


[c000000000051d88] .__might_sleep+0xec/0x130
[c000000000088704] .kmem_cache_alloc+0xb8/0xc0
[c0000000000426e0] .__add_new_im_area+0x60/0xb0
[c0000000000427c8] .__im_get_area+0x98/0xc0
[c0000000000428c4] .im_get_free_area+0xd4/0xfc
[c000000000041270] .__ioremap+0x94/0xcc
[c000000000041194] .ioremap+0x1c/0x64
[c00000000022b458] .e1000_probe+0x138/0x5dc

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