Segher Boessenkool segher at
Thu Jan 22 19:39:59 EST 2004

>> 3f8, 2f8 are just the legacy x86 i/o addresses for the first and
>> second serial ports; I assume 898, 890 are the CHRP standardized
>> addresses for the third and fourth?
> can't you use the OF node names instead ?


/some_host_bridge/some_pci/some_faked_isa/NS16450 at 3f8
/some_host_bridge/some_pci/some_faked_isa/NS16450 at 2f8
/some_host_bridge/some_pci/some_faked_isa/NS16450 at 898
/some_host_bridge/some_pci/some_faked_isa/NS16450 at 890

I don't think they're actually called this in any current
Open Firmware implementation, though; not even serial at 3f8
or something like that (although they _should_ be!)

But I suspect this is not what you meant?  I don't know
what you did mean then, though.


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