[PATCH] ppc64 procfs cleanup

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Wed Feb 25 20:21:23 EST 2004


Olaf pointed me at an issue with our current procfs code and modules. I
decided to go through all of our code and clean things up.

Patch is at http://samba.org/~anton/fixup_procfs.patch

- Use initcalls everywhere. This allowed us to remove the iseries proc
  callback interface
- Kill proc_pmc.c. Most of it wasnt used (and we are planning to export the
  PMCs via sysfs). The few things left were iseries specific so they
  got moved into iSeries_proc.c
- Kill pmc.c. We dont use those statistics and the ones that are left
  can be gained via PMCs.
- Create /proc/iSeries and /proc/ppc64 very early. This means we no
  longer have to call proc_ppc64_init in all the drivers, we can
  assume its there.
- Fix some error return cases in rtas-proc.c and rtas-flash
- Dont even try some pseries specific drivers on mac.

Im planning to merge this tomorrow unless there are any objections.


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