People with ATAPI problems: possible fix

Marc-Olivier Killijian marco.killijian at
Tue Feb 24 21:04:11 EST 2004


I used to have the problem described by Branden Robinson in a previous
mail on DebianPPC: a Samsung CDRW/DVD that would not eject discs nor
play, nor anything.
I patched a 2.4.24-ben1 with your code and now the CD features are
working fine. I didn't test burning CDs or playing DVDs yet.


Le dim 15/02/2004 à 03:48, Benjamin Herrenschmidt a écrit :
> Recently, there have been lost of reports of ATAPI issues, typically
> with CD/DVD burners, where DMA would be disabled for no obvious reasons,
> with the driver spitting a message about a timeout waiting for dbdma
> command stop.
> The problem is that our driver doesn't deal with buffer underruns due
> to the drive not sending as many data as requested.
> This patch is an attempt at fixing this. Please let me know if it
> helps.

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