New driver (hvcs) review request

Ryan Arnold rsa at
Tue Feb 24 02:00:31 EST 2004


I have a new driver that I'd like some comments on.  The following is
the driver description from the source file hvcs.c.

 * This is the device driver for the IBM Hypervisor Virtual Console
 * Server, "hvcs".  The IBM hvcs provides a TTY interface to allow
 * Linux user space applications access to the system consoles of
 * partitioned RPA supported operating systems (Linux and AIX)
 * running on the same partitioned IBM POWER architecture eServer.
 * Physical hardware consoles per partition do not exist on these
 * platforms and system consoles are interacted with through
 * hypervisor interfaces utilized by this driver.

I've included with this email a link to the patch that I plan on
checking in to the Ameslab 2.6 linux trees as soon as the community
feels it is in decent enough shape to do so.  I would appreciate any and
all comments that could be given regarding this patch because I also
plan on submitting it to the LKML soon.

This patch would probably not apply cleanly to the current Ameslab
source because there are some other recent patches that it may need to
be resolved with.

For those interested, I would appreciate some comments on the
questions/concerns I have outlined in the "TODO" section of driver

This is a basic working driver that has not had extensive testing done
against it.


Ryan S. Arnold
<rsa at>
IBM Linux Technology Center
IBM Rochester, MN.

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