[PATCH][2.6] hardware breakpoint fix/support for xmon

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Tue Feb 17 18:35:10 EST 2004

> I have seen a number of instances during bringup where one of the CPUs
> will hang in a rtas call (due to a FW DSI), and then xmon would come in
> and disable_surveillance and hang on the rtas lock.  I would suggest
> removing the disable_surveillance() call since there are no boxes that
> I'm aware of that enable surveillance by default.  Maybe make it a
> separate command to disable surveillance similar to KDB.

Interesting, I enable it on all our machines and would have thought we
should be doing it automatically. From a RAS perspective we want to
reboot the machine if it locks up.

Maybe we can have a spin_trylock rtas call and whinge if the lock was
already taken. Once we switch to stopping all cpus on xmon entry we
want to do this to avoid deadlocks anyway.


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