[PATCH] support for Hotplug/DLPAR PCI multifunction cards

Nathan Lynch nathanl at austin.ibm.com
Sat Feb 14 11:09:53 EST 2004

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Can't this code be moved out of prom.c ?

Yes, the of_find accessors etc. could be moved to their own file,
probably without too much pain.

> It's time to think about cleaning up that pile of mess that is prom.c,
> ultimately, things that have to run in the context of the firmware
> environement early during boot, should be completely split from things
> that are used later on during normal kernel usage.
> And low level device-tree accessors split from higher level things like
> this hotplug stuff.

The hotplug stuff (of_add_node, of_remove_node) necessarily uses the
same lock as the accessors, but we could take more care to avoid
building it on platforms which don't need it.  I believe those functions
should be compiled in only when building for pSeries with CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y.


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