will schmidt willschm at northrelay02.pok.ibm.com
Sat Feb 14 05:23:03 EST 2004

This patch includes:
- more of the function calls needed/requested for the licence manager folks.
- change config option for lparcfg back to tristate
- exported those pesky symbols needed via lparcfg as a module.   (with
kallsyms exporting all symbols, this issue might be masked depending
upon your kernel config)
- change H_SET_PURR to H_PURR

i realise i've also got some whitespace in the patch, i'll clean those
out before i push anything up to ames.

Will Schmidt wrote:
>>>Building as a module was broken when the code was checked in to ameslab
>>>2.6; I suggested turning it off.  I think lparcfg uses unexported
>>>symbols -- cur_cpu_spec, systemcfg, and plpar_hcall_4out.  Should any
> of
>>>those be exported?
>>>See this thread for the history:
>>Ahh yeah, I have such a short memory.
>>Actually I enabled it as a module and built all modules and didnt get
>>any warnings. Either we have everything exported now, Im not getting
>>undefined symbol warnings any more or else Im going blind.
> I've got some more updates for this code, will try to get a patch onto this
> list tomorrow.   (still need to forward port to current and check on
> iSeries)..
> I couldnt build it as a module without exporting a few symbols, but  my
> tree is about a week old, so i'm probably missing those fixes.
> -Will
> willschm at us.ibm.com
> Linux on PowerPC-64 Development
> IBM Rochester

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