hotplug devices require interrupts?

Linda Xie lxiep at
Sat Feb 14 03:04:34 EST 2004

Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> A patch from Linda yesterday pointed out that of_finish_dynamic_node()
> (prom.c) requires an "interrupts" property for hotplugged device nodes.
> Why is that? Until very recently the vty nodes didn't have that... the
> fact that they do now only coincidentally means we didn't shoot
> ourselves in the foot (unless there are still other interrupt-less
> devices).
> Certainly lacking interrupts it is not an ENODEV error in the
> non-dynamic finish_node/finish_node_interrupts case; why is it for hotplug?

Nathan & Hollis,

Sorry for the confusion. "interrupts" property is for most of PCI I/O
devices. I will submit another patch that will fix the problem.



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