[PATCH][2.6] hardware breakpoint fix/support for xmon

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Fri Feb 13 08:42:56 EST 2004

Jake Moilanen writes:

> Here's a patch to fix hardware breakpoints and add support for LPAR
> systems in xmon.
> On an SMP system, the breakpoints appeared to have been working for
> hitting the breakpoint.  When you exited xmon to continue, you would
> instead hit the same breakpoint again.  There were a couple errors for
> the check to see if xmon needed to single step over the instruction.
> The other problem I was seeing was when breakpoint was cleared on one
> CPU, unless the other CPUS were stopped as well, they would not clear
> their dabr until they hit xmon.

Hmmm... We're all hacking on xmon these days, it seems.  Anton was
making some changes to xmon just yesterday, and I am about to rework
the xmon entry/exit and breakpoint insertion/removal to make it work
properly on SMP systems.  Don't push for now, and I'll talk to Anton
today about merging your changes in with ours.


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