2.6: PATCH for multiple EEH bugs

linas at austin.ibm.com linas at austin.ibm.com
Wed Feb 4 11:34:59 EST 2004

Patch for multiple EEH-related bugs.  Please review this patch,
& if appropriate, please apply.  It should apply cleanly to
the current ameslab tree (Feb 03 2004  2.6.2-rc3).

(I could try to do a "bk push", but I'm not yet confident with
my bk abilities).

This patch fixes multiple EEH-related bugs:

-- Fixes the eeh_check_failure() usage in an interrupt context.
   This routine is now safe to use in an interrupt. The fix was to
   build a cache of IO addresses and check that, instead of using
   the pci routines.
-- Merges in Olof Johansson's sizeof patch when checking for failure
-- Adds EEH tests to array/string reads
-- Fixes bugs with address resolution (some i/o addresses were handled
   incorrectly, resulting in EEH errors slipping by undetected.)
-- Adds EEH support to the PCI Hotplug system (so that devices that
   get added/removed get properly registered with the EEH subsystem.)
-- Fixes improper use of /proc filesystem.
-- Adds some misc statistics.

Please note that the EEH subsystem will be undergoing a major revision
in the not-to-distant future; this patch is a 'stopgap' to address the
immediate concerns/issues until that time.


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