[PATCH] ioremap kmallocs inside spinlocks - review request

Nathan Lynch nathanl at austin.ibm.com
Sun Feb 1 11:08:00 EST 2004

John Rose wrote:
> Anybody have any yea or nay thoughts on Nathan's idea and/or my patch?

For what it's worth, here's a patch which converts the spinlock in
imalloc.c to a semaphore.  Tested with Anton's spinlock debugging patch.

This should be safe -- in i386 ioremap and friends use the vmalloc
subsystem, which can sleep.  And we're already using kmalloc(GFP_KERNEL)
in this code, so it's not going to break anything which wasn't already

While your patch also seems to solve the problem, converting to the
semaphore seems easier to me. :)

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