DRI R300 corrupted display purely DRI issue ? G5 AGP support

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Dec 26 21:02:59 EST 2004

> include/linux/pci_ids.h
> #define PCI_DEVICE_ID_APPLE_UNI_N_AGP8    0x0059
> Maybe i better use :
> #define PCI_DEVICE_ID_APPLE_UNI_N_AGP3    0x0059
> as it seems that this is an AGP3 controller.


> I need to add this to include/asm/uninorth.h this seems to
> be only used by AGP3 uninorth G5 controller. This values
> came from darwin, their names too. I am only using PERFRD
> at the moment but others maybe usefull latter if we had features
> like fastwrite.
> #define UNI_N_CFG_GART_SYNCMODE        0x00040000
> #define UNI_N_CFG_GART_PERFRD        0x00080000
> #define UNI_N_CFG_GART_B2BGNT        0x00200000
> #define UNI_N_CFG_GART_FASTDDR        0x00400000
> I use a magic value (not so magic thought :)) 12 which correspond
> to PAGE_SHIFT in darwin this value depend on page size. Is there
> any equivalent infos in linux ? For the moment i use a hardcoded value.

PAGE_SHIFT for now should be fine. If we change the CPU page size, I'll
have to fix the driver anyway.

> I changed uninorth_tbl_flush, uninorth_cleanup,
> uninorth_insert_memory, uninorth_agp_enable
> So, i am wondering if it's not better to have a different driver
> like uninorth3 (for AGP3) instead of having test to see if we have
> a G5 agp or an older one in each functions. Moreover maybe more
> of the generic version of agp3(drivers/char/agp/generic.c) could be used.

If they end up to be different enough, yes, make a u3-agp driver
separate. I don't think much of the generic stuff can be used.

> Any comment on this would be appreciated.
> best,
> Jerome Glisse
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