{rtasd,rtc,scanlog}.c schedule_timeout() usage

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Tue Dec 21 11:55:35 EST 2004


> It seems to me, though, that if you really don't want to deal with
> signals & you really intend to sleep the full second (in rtasd.c, for
> instance), then it makes perfect sense to use TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE
> (i.e. msleep). Yes it will count to loadavg, but that doesn't mean the
> code is wrong (maybe the calculation of loadavg is incorrect?).
> Because the only the thing the task is doing in TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE
> is doing is sleeping. Meaning that while loadavg may go up (by 1 for
> each TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE task?), the CPU stays at idle.

I agree we dont want to handle signals but having an idle machine at 
a load average of 1 would be confusing.


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