[PATCH] PPC64: EEH Recovery

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Mon Dec 13 16:22:12 EST 2004

Linas Vepstas writes:

> No not at all.  As I said, all I really wanted to do was to save the
> bars. I actually thought about saving the bars in the device_node, 
> but I then anticipated that some wise-guy on this mailing list suggest
> that I save the bars in the pci_dev instead.   So I saved the bars
> in pci_dev instead.   I did *not* anticipate your comments.  

Saving the BARs in the pci_dev does indeed seem like the right thing.
Milton, why did you prefer to put them in the device_node?  In general
I would like to unload the PCI-related stuff from the device_node.  We
probably need a per-PCI-device struct for the various ppc64-specific
things we need to record for each PCI device.

Linas, this part of the patch:

@@ -223,9 +220,9 @@ pci_addr_cache_insert(struct pci_dev *de
 	while (*p) {
 		parent = *p;
 		piar = rb_entry(parent, struct pci_io_addr_range, rb_node);
-		if (alo < piar->addr_lo) {
+		if (ahi < piar->addr_lo) {
 			p = &parent->rb_left;
-		} else if (ahi > piar->addr_hi) {
+		} else if (alo > piar->addr_hi) {
 			p = &parent->rb_right;
 		} else {
 			if (dev != piar->pcidev ||

looks like a bug fix, unrelated to the other changes you are making.
Is that the case?  Could you explain what is being fixed and why?


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