naca cleanups

Anton Blanchard anton at
Thu Dec 9 01:08:59 EST 2004

Hi Stephen,

> I have been "encouraged" to clean up the naca and as a first pass, I
> have been looking at moving some of the fields out of the naca.  Of course,
> my understanding of the naca is "incomplete" so first question:
> Does anyone know if the [di]CacheL1LogLineSize and [di]LinesPerPage fields
> need to be in the naca and would there be any problem in moving them to
> the systemcfg structure?

I cant see why they need to be in there. I always wondered if we would
be able to handle a change in cacheline size, if the *CacheL1* stuff
doesnt cover it all then we may as well use #defines instead.

I _think_ only the first 4 fields in the NACA are architected by the
OS/400 hypervisor, and none of them by phyp.


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