[PATCH] [KDB] Fix build break in kdbasupport

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Thu Aug 19 21:37:46 EST 2004

Olof Johansson writes:

> The paca_struct cleanup broke KDB, here's the corresponding changes.
> Also remove a couple of compilation warnings for rtas calls.
> See previous email about ameslab breakage: Fixes are trivial but I
> haven't been able to build/boot a kernel with them because of hvconsole
> breakage.

I get:

arch/ppc64/kdb/kdbasupport.c: In function `kdba_dump_pci_info':
arch/ppc64/kdb/kdbasupport.c:1594: warning: implicit declaration of function `traverse_all_pci_devices'

with that patch (I didn't try without).  True it's only a warning but
it would be good to fix that too while you're at it.


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