Unapplied patches?

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Aug 18 13:52:51 EST 2004


> I've emailed you six or 8 patches about 2-4 weeks ago, and after
> going through my email box, it seems that none of these have been
> applied, nor have I received any answer from you or the mailing list one

Some have been sent upstream but not all of those have appeared in
Linus' tree yet since Linus is away at the moment.  Also I started
travelling about the same time that you went on vacation, which made
it difficult for me to process patches since I had no good way to test
patches.  Then when I came back I had a paper to write which
distracted me from kernel work.

I did want to get the notifier list for EEH isolation events in but
you still had the "only if ethernet" policy code in there.  We had a
short conversation about that, and despite what you said, I still
don't think it is right.  I think we possibly need something that
counts pending EEH errors and panics if the count exceeds a threshold

Your "PCI Config Space reads need EEH checking" depends on the
notifier list patch, so I haven't sent that upstream.

> way or the other on these.  What's the story on that?  Can I get you to
> go through your email and start going through these?  They're kind-of
> burning holes in my pockets & they're causing build breaks  (todays
> bkbits kernel won't compile for ppc64 due to the unapplied patches.)

It compiles fine if you turn off hotplug PCI. :) It certainly needs to
be fixed, but I want it fixed properly.


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