bootup problem on power3

Rajarshi Das rajarshi at
Wed Aug 18 01:51:39 EST 2004

I am running a power 3 (type 7044-170) uniprocessor machine and have a
vanilla 2.6.7 kernel built on it. However, when I boot the kernel, I get
the following message and the system hangs :
OF stdout is    : /pci at fef00000/isa at b/serial at i3f8
found display   : /pci at fef00000/display at 11
Opening displays...
opening display : /pci at fef00000/display at 11... done
instantiating rtas at 0x000000003ffb5000... done
0000000000000000 : booting  cpu /cpus/PowerPC,POWER3 at 0
opening PHB /pci at fef00000... done
opening PHB /pci at fee00000... done
Setting up bi display...
Initializing fake screen: display
width 0000000000000400 height 0000000000000300 depth 0000000000000008
Addr of fb: 00000000c0000000
Calling quiesce ...
returning from prom_init

I am using a default config file with 'module support' not enabled. This
happens also with a 2.6.7 ameslab kernel as well as a 2.6.8-rc2 vanilla
kernel. Please suggest on how to work around this.

Thanks and Regards,

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