disabling kernel access to memory

Joel Schopp jschopp at austin.ibm.com
Tue Aug 17 02:53:55 EST 2004

>>When creating artificial 'holes' in the physical address space,
>>I would really like to disable all access to this memory in an
>>effort to catch anyone making incorrect accesses.  Of course,
>>these holes are at least 16MB (min LMB size) in size.  Is there
>>an 'easy' way to prevent all access to these holes?
> You might be able to hand them back to the hypervisor using the DLPAR
> calls.

I think the idea is that DLPAR calls are the hard part.  Doing an
isolate requires all the PTEs and TCEs don't reference the memory for

Back in my userspace days I remember threading libraries liked to use
mprotect for such things.  Linux kernel has mprotect and sys_mprotect,
not sure if they will fit your needs or not.

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