disabling kernel access to memory

Mike Kravetz kravetz at us.ibm.com
Sat Aug 14 04:25:47 EST 2004

I'm playing around with memory hotplug.  Currently, I'm trying
to get the nonlinear translation initialization to be based
on the LMB layout for ppc64.  To make my life easy, I'm simulating
various LMB layouts by modifying the code in prom_initialize_lmb()
so that it appears the layout is different than what it really is.
For example, I'm creating 'holes' in the physical address space
that do not occur naturally on my system.  This all seems to work
well and the 'downstream' memory management code works with the
simulated layouts rather than the real one.

When creating artificial 'holes' in the physical address space,
I would really like to disable all access to this memory in an
effort to catch anyone making incorrect accesses.  Of course,
these holes are at least 16MB (min LMB size) in size.  Is there
an 'easy' way to prevent all access to these holes?


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