"make allyesconfig"?

Linus Torvalds torvalds at osdl.org
Wed Apr 28 03:12:22 EST 2004

One thing I've not done in a long time on my main machine is to try to
make "allyesconfig" to get better coverage on stuff. And it just doesn't
work on ppc64.

Some of the stuff is pretty simple - I can make AGP compile (work? what's
that?) by copying the ppc32 version of agp.h to include/asm-ppc64/ and fix
a few other assumptions.

And I've disabled a few drivers that won't build (the "pmac" IDE driver
ends up missing "mediabay" defines, some ISDN drivers seem to be making
nasty assumptions etc), but I was wondering if somebody has already done
all the work - marking things broken on ppc64 in the Kconfig files so that
"make allyesconfig" just does the right thing?


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