[PATCH] code cleanup

jschopp at austin.ibm.com jschopp at austin.ibm.com
Tue Apr 13 04:58:32 EST 2004

> > I was looking at rtas serialization for reasons I won't go into here.
> I'd like to know why ... the LTE and others have a stack of bugs
> that have MSR=9000... and there is some suspicion that bad args sent
> sent to rtas might be one of the causes of this.

I was investigating what looked like it had the possibility of being
multiple simultaneous rtas calls, causing one of them to fail.  It turns
out that wasn't the problem at all.  Nothing to do with your problem.  It
was a change in some undocumented behavior

> Yes.
> While wandering through the same code, I noticed that some of the
> locking fails to lock sections of the paca as well, which might (??)
> cause races in the future (??) if CONFIG_PREEMPT is enabled (maybe).

That sounds non-trivial to investigate.  I might keep it in mind for the
future, but right now just don't have the time.

> I don't have any objections.

I'll push it today then.

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