[PATCH] php_phy_location.patch -- please review

Linda Xie lxiep at us.ibm.com
Sat Apr 10 13:52:53 EST 2004

Greg KH wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 04:19:08PM -0500, Linda Xie wrote:
>>Hi Greg,
>>Since php core exepects an u32 address value from a php driver and it
>>converts the value
>>into "%04x:%02x:%02x" string,  we can't use "address" attribute file to
>>store the physical
>>location of a slot (in our case it is a  long string like
>>"U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C2" ).
>>I'd like to know if we can add a new attribute file called
>>"phy_location" or "location" for storing
>>physical location (a regular ASCII string) of a slot.
>Sure, I don't have a problem with that.
>greg k-h
Hi All,

Hare are changes in the patch:

 pci_hotplug_core.c -- add  "phy_location" attribute for each php slot.
 rpaphp driver -- intialize "phy_location" with "ibm,loc-code" string.

                           remove some routines that won't be needed
due to naming
                           scheme change.
                           rewrite find_slot routine.

Comments welcome.


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