[PATCH] move the iSeries virtual devices to vio

Hollis Blanchard hollisb at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 6 07:46:20 EST 2004

On Thursday 01 April 2004 23:33, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> This patch changes the iSeries virtual device drivers to use the
> vio infrastructure for DMA mapping instead of the PCI infrastructure.
> This is a ste alogn the way to integrating them correctly into the
> driver model.

Cool. :)

The parts you ifdeffed from vio_bus_init() could be split into their own
vio_arch_bus_init() couldn't they? Then ifdef the definition of that. Or make
a vio_pseries_bus_init() and ifdef the call. Either way is just a little less
mid-function ifdefs, which is probably a good thing.

iSeries is a bit of a mystery to me still. :) I guess you don't ever call
vio_register_*() then...

I thought iSeries had its own vio_disable_interrupts()? Can't find it now, so
maybe I'm misremembering. If it does though, that could be moved to vio.c as

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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