getcontext on Linux PPC64

Steve Munroe sjmunroe at
Fri Apr 2 07:31:21 EST 2004

Sergiy Kyrylkov wrote on 04/01/2004 01:04:21 PM:

> According to the output I get on YDL 3.0 with 2.6.4 ppc64 kernel it is
> the case on my machine (Apple G5):
> ...
> [sergiy at zeta _test]$ ./a.out
> error: Function not implemented
> Any suggestions?

They must have built the glibc on 2.4.19 kernel, It does not matter what
kernel you have now. It matters what they told glibc when they built it!

  std  r0,(SIGCONTEXT_GP_REGS+(PT_R0*8))(r3)
  std  r1,(SIGCONTEXT_GP_REGS+(PT_R1*8))(r3)
  /* If the kernel is not at least 2.4.21 then generate a ENOSYS stub.  */
  mflr r0
  std  r0,FRAME_LR_SAVE(r1)
  stdu r1,-128(r1)
  li   r3,ENOSYS
  bl   JUMPTARGET(__syscall_error)
  li   r3,-1

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