GDB for ppc-64

Mattias Engdegård mattias at
Thu Apr 1 19:01:35 EST 2004

>> 1)      Do you know any areas in GDB/ppc-64 that needs attention?  I have
>> some idea, but I would like your 'take'.

When I'm debugging ppc64 code, I keep getting confused by procedure
descriptors and the actual function addresses. ie:

(gdb) p do_select
$1 = {int (int, fd_set_bits *, long int *)} 0xc0000000000c471c <do_select>
(gdb) x 0xc0000000000c471c
0xc0000000000c471c <do_select>: 0x7d800026
(gdb) x 0xc0000000004f6810
0xc0000000004f6810 <do_select>: 0xc0000000

-- I'm never really sure which one I get. Since parsing .identifiers
(symbols preceded by a dot) is tricky in C code I'm not sure what the
best way to resolve this would be.

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