[2.5 PATCH] virtual console via /vdevice/vty

Hollis Blanchard hollisb at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 30 07:41:38 EST 2003

Last week I committed a patch to ameslab 2.4 that uses the /vdevice/vty
nodes to determine virtual console information. This is the 2.5 version
of that patch. The /rtas/ibm,termno property will be going away in the
future, which really should be ok because all LPAR device trees have
had /vdevice/vty nodes (according to a firmware developer).

With the patch, we also use the OF /chosen/stdout property to detemine
where the udbg output should go. This is more correct than before
(hardcoding vterm output), but currently there are two unhandled cases:
a future incompatible vty node (compatible "hvterm-protocol1"), and
serial console to an LPAR just needs to be plugged in and tested.

The hvc_count function was also affected; it now just returns
information from the first vty node found. (Now that I think about it,
it may make more sense to keep looking for vty nodes if the first one
is incompatible...) The vterm numbers found in vty nodes are not
necessarily contiguous (different from ibm,termno), so we can only
handle one vterm anyways. (I'm working on replacing hvc_count entirely
but that code is not ready and I don't think I'll have time in the next
two weeks for it.)

The hvc_console driver was unaffected by the switch from
/rtas/ibm,termno to /vdevice/vty.

This patch has been tested on an LPAR p630. Please consider for

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center
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