gcc 3.3 fix for 2.4

Dave Engebretsen engebret at vnet.ibm.com
Thu Sep 11 23:22:48 EST 2003

I put this change into 2.4 BK.  Thanks Hollis.


Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> Anton recently pushed this gcc 3.3 fix to Linus' 2.5 tree. The same fix
> is needed for 2.4 (I modified the name to be like HAS_BIARCH).
> Also, I think HAS_BIARCH needs to use $(CC) instead of gcc directly.
> Could one of you please push this patch to ameslab 2.4? I'll attach it
> as well in case it linewraps.
> --
> Hollis Blanchard
> IBM Linux Technology Center

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