[PATCH] Specify right base address/IRQ for ttyS0{2,3}

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Mon Sep 1 18:01:39 EST 2003


> Hmm, an interesting observation: When I boot with this patch on a
> 7044-270, it also finds 4 serial ports. One of them is the tablet port
> (which is a serial port). I suppose there is be hardware for 4 ports, but
> only 2+1 actually have connectors.
> This brings a bit more urgency to doing the "nice" fix: Looking at the
> device tree to find the serial ports, and patch the table early in the
> boot. Detecting them doesn't do much harm, but it's misleading.

On some ppc64 boxes the keyboard controller is present but not terminated.
Ive seen it on our SP2 node as well as other machines.

If you try and use it you will just end up with a hot interrupt. The
quick fix (I think from Milton) was to reserve the relevant IO range in
early ppc64 boot so the keyboard driver would fail later on.

Perhaps a similar quick fix would work here?


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