/proc/rtas/* vs. /proc/ppc64/rtas/*

Leigh Brown leigh at solinno.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 01:23:36 EST 2003

Jake Moilanen said:
> I was going to do this as part of the error logging/nvram buffering port
> to 2.6.
> We went from /proc/rtas to /proc/ppc64/rtas in 2.4.  2.6 should probably
> follow suit as well.

Isn't this a bit like having /proc/ppc64/cpuinfo, i.e. pretty dumb from
userspace's point of view?  If I want to write a program to update
the progress element of rtas, doesn't it make sense to have a single
/proc/rtas so the same program works equally well on ppc32 and ppc64?

I might be missing something here though.

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