[PATCH] Removing inline asm from ibmveth.c

Santiago Leon santil at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 29 11:09:09 EST 2003

There was a discussion in another list because someone adding inline
assembly to ibmveth.c... This is my fix for plpar_hcall_8arg_2ret() so
that the inline assembly won't be necesary... I just added two lines of
assembly to pull the 9th and 10th parameters from the stack into R11 and
R12... Which is what the rest of the code expects.

The patch includes the whole plpar_hcall_8arg_2ret() because it was
deleted by a previous patch...

The patch is against the 2.4 bk tree...

Let me know what you guys think...
Santiago A. Leon
Power Linux Development
IBM Linux Technology Center
Off: (919) 254-6048  T/L: 444-6048  Fax: (919) 543-7378
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