Problem with P2P PCI bridge in pSeries 630

Roland Dreier roland at
Wed Oct 1 02:51:11 EST 2003

    Roland> I've just spoken to Wolfgang Maier at IBM Austin, and he
    Roland> said that the problem seems to be that OF can't handle
    Roland> BARs bigger than 64M.  Unfortunately the InfiniBand HCA
    Roland> has a BAR of 128M.

    Anton> Yep, this is a bug in our OF that we've seen before :(

Is there any way to work around this?  I may be able to hack the HCA
firmware so that it doesn't ask for this huge BAR so that I can at
least get started, but it will be a temporary hack that hurts
performance.  So if you know anything I can do on the OF side, that
would be very helpful.


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