[PATCH] RTAS syscall - review request

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Thu Nov 13 22:51:48 EST 2003

John Rose writes:

> This patch implements a generic RTAS interface to userspace through a
> system call.  It was originally written by Rusty Russel and modified by
> myself.  There are two main parts:

Oops, he's "Russell", you mustn't get him confused with the one-l
Russel. :)

Looks good.  Just one very minor nit: since (I presume) lmb_alloc_base
returns a real address, I would make rtas_rmo_buf an unsigned long
rather than a void *, which would normally indicate a virtual address
(effective address in IBM-speak).

I assume you have the userspace part working too?


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