gcc33 creates a zImage which doesnt boot

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Tue Nov 11 17:59:27 EST 2003

 On Tue, Nov 11, Anton Blanchard wrote:

> > Earlier debugging showed that it dies in lmb_alloc_base(), probably in
> > the while() loop where lmb_overlaps_region() is called.
> Im willing to bet you a beer thats the first single field mtcrf
> instruction you execute. It was dying in the lmb code in
> rtas_instantiate when I first debugged the -mcpu=power4 bug :)

I disabled this line in arch/ppc64/Makefile and replaced all tlbiel
calls with kdb().

#CFLAGS         += -mtune=power4 -Wa,-mpower4

This helps.

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