important ppc64 bug fixes

Anton Blanchard anton at
Tue Nov 11 17:24:16 EST 2003


I had a look at our outstanding patches and came up with the following
list that could potentially be merged before 2.6.0.

Even if we dont get them merged, I want to make we dont lose track of
any bug fixes that are floating around.

Am I missing anything in the bug fix category which isnt in Linus' tree?

- PCI IO windows can start at 0x0		(Anton)
- revert IRQ_INPROGRESS change			(Anton)
- Fix POWER4 compile				(Anton/Hollis/Segher)
- Limit stack growth				(Anil/Anton)
- fix sleep inside spinlock in HVC console	(Nathan)
- fix signal wakeup race due to unordered access of SIGPENDING and
- fix interrupt affinity bugs			(Anton)
- add proper sched_clock			(???)


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