excellent plan

shanggao shangg at dspchina.com
Tue Nov 4 12:28:10 EST 2003

I am planing to design a smallest(15cm*8cm) computer in the world.

It only has USB,1394,DVI interface,no any slowing PS/2,VGA,IDE,LPT...But a powerful GPU(such as ATI7500)is needed.
It must be a lower power and  silent fanless devices.
PowerPC750FX(800Mhz~1GHz)is the system CPU.

It  is a very powerful PDA? thin-client?or a notebook? Maybe not all of above but it should be everthing.

Harddisk,Keyboard,Mouse,Audio,Network..........all connected by USB or 1394 port.

If anyone would like to play it with me,please contact me freely. midholy at yahoo.com
or shangg at dspchina.com

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