[RFC][PATCH] discontiguous vterms

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Mon Nov 3 16:19:11 EST 2003

Hollis Blanchard writes:

> In practice, for us, they probably are contiguous. However,
> transforming a list of vty at N nodes (from find_devices()) into [base,
> number] in hvc_count() is a bit awkward at best, and could end up
> making some assumptions about the order in which OF presents device
> nodes to us. Also, this discontiguous functionality might be useful in
> other environments (e.g. PPC simulators). So hvc_get_vterms() replaces
> hvc_count() to communicate the vterm numbers.

Any chance of these things appearing and disappearing at runtime?
Perhaps we should have the arch code calling some hvc_console routine
to tell it about consoles, rather than having hvc_console calling arch
code to discover the consoles as at present.  The only thing is that
getting the `add_console' routine called at the right time in the boot
sequence might be interesting.



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