problem installing redhat on pSeries 610

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For future reference, all supported pSeries hardware and IBM software for
Linux can be found at in the Facts & Features PDF under
References. As Kaena notes, RH 7.1 (64 bit) was never enabled or tested on
the p610.


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Hello Christian -

The only systems which are supported by Red Hat 7.1 are the p620, p640, and

The problem with the p610 is probably due to the fact that the CD-ROM is an
IDE CD-ROM and there isn't any IDE support in RH 7.1. All the pSeries
models will be supported by later this year in Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0.



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we've got the redhat 7.1 ppc64 distro here and aren't able to install
it on our pSeries 610. Trying to boot from CD gives a "init-label
failed" error.

Into Open Firmware we typed the following to start from CD:

boot cd:,/ppc/bootinfo.txt

Any Idea?

Thanks, Chris

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