PPC64 Compiler bug !!

Mike Stump mrs at apple.com
Tue Jun 17 15:05:22 EST 2003

On Friday, June 13, 2003, at 10:23 AM, linas at austin.ibm.com wrote:
> Based on the email replies, and on a few tests run over here,
> -msoft-float also seems to have the undocumented but valuable side
> effect of preventing the use of FPR's in DImode moves.

On processors that have specialized registers for the floating point
unit, -msoft-float disappears those registers.  This should be
documented and certainly can be relied upon.

If you want to fix the documentation to be clearer, that'd be good.

> My documentation seems to only mention -msoft-float for the DEC Alpha,
> and not as a PPC flag.

Odd.  My documentation seems to have it:


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