PPC64 Compiler bug !!

David Edelsohn dje at watson.ibm.com
Sat Jun 14 02:40:06 EST 2003

>>>>> linas  writes:

linas> What do you mean by 'safely'? Surely -msoft-float is "safe" or is that
linas> not true?

	-msoft-float converts all floating point computations to
emulation, as opposed to only using FPRs for floating point statements.
Please review the original problem and the documentation for
"-msoft-float" for more information.

linas> During one of the intermediate stages of processing, one must surely
linas> be able to scan the function and realize that it was integer-only.
linas> At this point, if -O3 is not set, one could internally turn on -msoft-float,
linas> and continue onwards.  Surely, this would be a safe and simple way to
linas> gaurentee the desired result.

	Such a patch would not be limited to the target-specific portion
of the compiler, which is what all of the previous patches have limited
themselves to.


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