? about building 64-bit glibc with UL 1.0

vince vince at io.com
Sat Jun 7 04:20:59 EST 2003

I'm attempting to build a 64-bit gcc compiler on an IBM ppc box
(kernel 2.4.19-ul1-ppc64-SMP) that's running United Linux 1.0.

I've got binutils and gcc 3.2 source(all source from media) installed
and patched. Once I started patching glibc, I became lost(and man,
this patching scheme is awful - why can't linux use file versioning?).

Anyway, I'm using the cross-ppc64-glibc.spec file as a template for
doing the correct patches when I run into:

# Install blowfish crypt add-on
rm crypt_blowfish-*/crypt.h
cp -a crypt_blowfish-*/*.[chS] crypt
find . -name configure | xargs touch
for p in %{S:9} ; do
  msgattrib -o po/${p##*/} --translated --no-fuzzy $p || echo $p: syntax error
cd ../kernel-headers

I don't know what's up with this blowfish stuff so I skipped it. The
kernel-headers part looks important so I found those source packages:


Where am I supposed to restore these files? Under the glibc-2.2 source
directory? Even with it(which would seem correct since the glibc spec
file has the "cd ../kernel-headers" in it)?

Any help or hints appreciated. I've been using the info on www.linuxppc64.org
to get me going but is the 64-bit compiler building process described
anywhere else in a clearer fashion? I'm barely linux literate though I
did manage to BS my way through building a 32-bit version of gcc that
seems to actually work. I'm a member of a build team that has to isolate
these gcc compilers so that they run from an isolated tools repository
rather than natively from the build machine.

Thanks much!

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