Upgrade from 2.5.70-mm8 to 2.5.74-mm2

VAKKALANKA RAO Sridhar SVakkalankarao at covansys.com
Tue Jul 22 15:03:09 EST 2003

> This has to do with the additon of pci domains to the 2.5 kernel,
> vs the old hack of calling the bus 161.  The X server hasn't
> caught up yet.   You can look to see if someone has a patch, I
> haven't yet done so.  Alternatively, you can hack the output of
> arch/ppc64/kernel/pci.c: pci_name_bus for the domain you care about
> (ie the one with your video card, 1 for you).

As per Milton's instructions, hacking arch/ppc64/kernel/pci.c did the trick. However, I really would like to revert to the old code. For doing that, does the code from XFree86 need to be updated or will the eventual synching of pci buses be transparent to the X window system?


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