32-bit signal contexts missing dar, dsisr, trap

Peter Bergner bergner at vnet.ibm.com
Tue Jul 22 01:20:45 EST 2003

Gary Byers wrote:

> Peter's patch (which basically copied the contents of all saved SPRs
> in the 64-bit frame along with the GPRs) doesn't seem to have made it
> into the 2.5 kernel tree (or at least doesn't appear to have been in
> the fairly recent 2.5.72 ameslab BK tree.)
> Was this just an accidental omission, or was there some reason not to do
> this ? (Peter's patched looked correct to me, and seemed to behave
> correctly.)

Yes, it was just an oversite.  If you can post a patch against the latest
2.5 source, we'll get it updated.


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