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Thu Jan 30 08:27:07 EST 2003

I have been looking into hotplug CPU capability for ppc64 linux.  I
have looked at the patches on Rusty's web page, which
appear newer than the ones on SourceForge.  However, the ones on
Rusty's page are still several kernel versions back and do not patch

I downloaded the following patches:

cpucontrols.patch, based on 2.5.46
hotcpu-cpudown.patch, based on 2.5.44
hotcpu-cpudown-ppc64.patch, based on 2.5.33

These were called "Driverfs CPU controls", "Hotplug CPU Remove Generic
Code", and "Hotplug CPU Remove for PPC64", respectively.

I am interested in finding out the following:

1) Are there more recent patches?
2) Did I miss a patch somewhere?  I do not have the /proc/sys/cpu
   interface on my machine when I patch, fix the parts that don't
   patch, compile and boot the kernel.
3) (This one I'll look up soon anyways) Have any of these patches been
   submitted and accepted into the main ppc64 tree?
4) Is there any work or code so far for hotplug CPU add?

Thanks a bundle,
fleming at

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