[PATCH] xmon fixes for 2.6

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Dec 17 11:45:08 EST 2003

John Rose writes:

> This patch was written mostly by Jake Moilanen.  It fixes problems
> that prevented the use of xmon breakpoints on pSeries LPAR systems.
> Also updates help text to reflect obsolete subcommands, and adds
> some necessary lines for single stepping.

Hmmmm.  I am leaning towards the view that on entering xmon, we should
send an IPI to try to get all cpus into xmon, and that on exiting
xmon, we release all cpus.  At the moment the breakpoint stuff is a
real mess on SMP systems - we can easily get into the situation where
xmon thinks that the trap instruction that it put at a particular
place is the real instruction that should be there.  I also think it
is wrong to hang if we try to re-enter xmon.


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