[RFC] JS20 IDE perf patch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Dec 16 12:59:14 EST 2003

>   Item 1 is addressed by creating ATA_PCIMHZ_MIN and ATA_PCIMHZ_MAX in
>   linux/ide.h.  These values are used in ide/ide.c and amd74xx.c.  If
>   there are arch specific values, they override the the values set in
>   linux/ide.h via the arch specific header.
>   Item 2 is addressed by fixup_amd_ide in arch/ppc64/kernel/pci.c.
>   Item 3 uses the ATA_PCIMHZ* to calculate the PCI bus frequency in
>   amd74xx.c and is used to determine the UDMA settings for the
>   drives.
>   Please review these changes.  Comments are welcome.

I'd rather keep generic drivers/ide.c out of the picture and do things
locally to the AMD IDE driver... Wouldn't it be possible to get the
proper values in the OF device-tree and add code to the AMD driver
to pick them from there ?


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