cpus_in_xmon questions

Hollis Blanchard hollisb at us.ibm.com
Thu Aug 28 02:37:12 EST 2003

On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003, at 19:27 US/Central, Anton Blanchard wrote:
>> In hvc_console.c, if any CPU is in xmon, the thread skips polling for
>> any data. Why?
> Because otherwise both hvc_console and xmon poll for characters. The
> result is you get maybe every second character through to xmon and
> every
> other gets sucked up by hvc_console running on another cpu.
> Its a hack to use cpus_in_xmon, we should have something more generic
> so
> kdb can do the right thing here too.

How about stopping khvcd entirely while in xmon? I.E. instead of
calling schedule_timeout() from khvcd(), make a "static struct
timer_list hvc_timer" and add_timer()/schedule()/del_timer() directly
in khvcd().

Then xmon could call khvcd_stop/start() functions on enter/exit, which
just del_timer/add_timer(&hvc_timer).

Or does that rely on too much external working code from xmon?

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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