patches for current -mm kernels

Anton Blanchard anton at
Wed Aug 6 04:30:56 EST 2003

Hi Andrew,

> I had to hack some fixes together to get a working ppc64 kernel with
> current Linus plus current me.

Sorry about that, I havent pushed to Linus in a while. Looks like
he did pull last night so most things should be OK now.

> Implement local.h for ppc64.  It's only 32-bit at present.  ppc64 doesn't
> seem to support atomic64_t.

Yeah Im the slacker, I need to implement atomic64.

> Need this to compile kernel/profile.c

Got it. I also went through and fixed up all our abuses of _stext etc.

> Ingo's CPU scheduler update (in -mm kernels) needs a new sched_clock()
> function which returns nanoseconds.

> Stupid implementation which only gets it right on 1GHz CPUs.
> I assume.  It's an undocumented miasma down there and if they can't be
> bothered describing it then I can't be bothered decrypting it.  So
> there.

Heh what are you having a swipe at here?

> arch/ppc64/boot/prom.c doesn't compile.  Because there is no definition
> of BITS_PER_LONG for div64.h.  Hack one up.

Got this one too. It turns out the boot wrapper is 32bit so I modified
the definition to suit.


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